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Strawberry Poptart Cupcake

My spin on transforming a childhood classic into a beautiful cupcake! I took my vanilla cupcake base and enhanced it with just a little cinnamon and honey, and scrumptious strawberry filling. It's dipped in a vanilla glaze and frosted with strawberry buttercream.


Espresso Cheesecake

Everyone's favorite cheesecake thus far, this treat is a coffee lover's dream! It consists of Oreo crust, espresso cheesecake, and chocolate ganche. 


Mia's First Birthday Cake

This cake was a charming chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. It was decorated in a vintage style and the lettering was done using white chocolate.


Chocolate Cheesecake

This decadent chocolate cheesecake will leave you craving more. This creamy dessert is made with an Oreo crust and garnished with whipped buttercream.


Strawberry-Mango Margarita Bundt Cakes

This is one of my favorites cupcakes, but in bundt cake form. These cakes are layered with half strawberry cake, half mango cake and are frosted with strawberry and mango buttercreams.


Creme Brulee Cupcakes

Inspired by a cupcake I had in Arkansas, I decided to do my spin on one of my favorite desserts: Creme Brulee! This beauty is a vanilla cupcake filled with a vanilla bean custard and topped with vanilla buttercream and sugar shards.


Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

This go-to cheesecake is too classic, not to have. Just look at those pretty layers!


Grammy's Birthday Cake

When someone loves coke as much as Grammy, you know you have to include it in the cake! This is a chocolate Coca-Cola cake with whipped frosting and decorated with vanilla buttercream and cherries.


Lime Margarita Cupcakes

What's the perfect treat after taco night? Light, refreshing lime margarita cupcakes!


Vanilla Cakesicles

Meet the cousin of Cakepops, Cakesicles! Slightly bigger, these are such a fun variation of the original cakepop with so many creative possibilities!


Mia's Smash Cake

I had the honor of baking Mia's first birthday cake and her smash cake! After hearing about her love for ladybugs, I knew that's exactly what I had to make.


Bill's Birthday Cake

Three words: bourbon, maple, bacon. What more could a guy want in a cake?! This cake consists of maple+bourbon flavored cake, bacon+bourbon caramel between each layer, and American buttercream.


Cookie Dough Cake

Every kid's dream shoved into one cake. This beast contains 4 layers of funfetti cake, 3 layers of edible dough, and vanilla buttercream. It was then topped with chocolate ganche, cookie dough balls, and sprinkles. You will definitely need a glass of milk with this one.

Photo 2023-09-18 05.57_edited.jpg

Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cakes

One of the best flavor combinations (especially during the winter season) is chocolate and peppermint. Here I used the two flavors in my bundt cakes and finished them off with vanilla buttercream and crushed candy canes.


Coca-Cola Cupcake

Don't judge this book by it's cover!

While it does look simple, this tasty cupcake is a chocolate coke cake with coke whipped frosting.


Sangria Cupcakes

If you're a mother who loves cupcakes and "mommy juice", this is the perfect cupcake for you! My sangria cupcakes are a fruit cupcake with gorgeous wine frosting. Just look that beautiful purple frosting!

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