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      Hello! My name is Emily Vargas, a 20 year-old who loves to bake! I currently live in the magnificent North Georgia mountains, in the town of Young Harris. Growing up with my dad as a chef, I have been in the kitchen since before I could walk. I look up to my dad and he has taught most of what I know about baking.

     After graduating high school, I had a summer job where I was able to learn how to run a small business. Following that summer, one of my favorite teachers got me a job interview at a dental lab, where I still work and have three of the best bosses. It was not until May of this year that I decided to change baking from a hobby, to a career. After hearing from multiple friends and outsiders that my baked goods were amazing enough to sell, I decided to take the risk and do what I love.

     Since this decision, I took a month long small business course to ensure I succeed. This was through the University of Georgia's Small Business Development Center, which was very insightful and I would recommend to anyone who wants to start their own small business. I have also obtained my food handler's license. Now, I can happily and successfully serve you in all of your baking needs.


     I offer a wide variety of treats including: cakes, cupcakes, cake pops/cakesicles, cookies, and cheesecakes. All of these items can be found in the Menus section.

     To place an order, simply email or text me what item(s) you have in mind and the delivery date you would like. Since I am one person, the date you choose might not be available. However, I will do my best to work with you to find a time that will work for both of us. After deciding the delivery time and location, we can finalize your order with any customization and the final price.

     As an at home bakery, I will deliver all orders to a public place of your choice. Anywhere within 10 miles will be $3 and anywhere further will be $0.15 each additional mile. For security reasons, all orders will require you to pay 50% of your order total upfront and the remaining balance by the delivery date. One last thing to note, order at least 7 days before the date you would like to receive any baked goods, except custom cakes. Custom cakes will require a notice of at least 10 days. If possible, I will try my best to fulfill orders with shorter notices, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to and a 5% up-charge will be added. Please keep in mind that prices are subject to change at any time. Price changes will be due to increased ingredient prices, high demand in sales, improved skills, etc.

Why me?

     Like I have mentioned before, I have been baking my entire life. It has always been one of my greatest passions. With that said, I am determined to deliver only the best products and am willing to always try new things. While I may be on the younger side, it comes to my advantage that I have good stamina to endure making larger or more complicated orders, and I can devote more time to my business. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a hard worker and persevere through any hardship, whether it was in sports, or baking, etc. Allow me to work with you and leave you pleasantly happy!

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